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In observance of the Jewish Holiday our offices will be closed on Monday & Tuesday, May 17th and 18th. All orders will be processed on Wednesday


SKU: SIG-RD-7.5-RU_101
ssdssss Origin: MozambiqueQuality Grade: Very GoodCertified By: View Cert Treatment: HeatPrice: $4800/CT..
SKU: SIG-EC-9.2x6.9-SP_104
Origin: Sri LankaQuality Grade: Certified By: Christian Dunaigre Consulting Treatment: Heat Price: $2750/CT..
SKU: SIG-AN-9.09-8.49-SP_105
Origin: Sri Lanka (Ceylon)Quality Grade: Very GoodCertified By: Christian Dunaigre Consulting (View Cert)Treatment: HeatPrice: $2500/CT..
For items not yet listed online, or for custom repair jobs, please submit a detailed description of the gemstones and/or lapidary services needed. We might not be able to provide an estimate until we receive the merchandise for requests requiring lapidary services. We will notify you via email typically within 1 hour during normal business hours. ..
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