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SKU: EOP-OV-5X3-AAA Shape: OVAL Size: 5X3Quality: AAA..
SKU: EOP-PS-5X3-AAA Shape: PEAR Size: 5X3Quality: AAA..
SKU: EOP-OV-5X4-AAA Shape: OVAL Size: 5X4Quality: AAA..
SKU: EOP-OV-6X4-AAA Shape: OVAL Size: 6X4Quality: AAA..
SKU: EOP-PS-6X4-AAA Shape: PEAR Size: 6X4    Quality: AAA..
SKU: EOP-OV-7X5-AAA Shape: OVAL Size: 7X5Quality: AAA..
SKU: EOP-PS-7X5-AAA Shape: PEAR Size: 7X5    Quality: AAA..
SKU: EOP-OV-8X6-AAA Shape: OVAL Size: 8X6Quality: AAA..
SKU: EOP-PS-9X6-AAA Shape: PEAR Size: 9X6Quality: AAA..
SKU: EOP-OV-9X7-AAA Shape: OVAL Size: 9X7Quality: AAA..
SKU: EOP-RD-2-AAA Shape: ROUND Size: 2Quality: AAA..
SKU: EOP-RD-2.5-AAA Shape: ROUND Size: 2.5Quality: AAA..
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